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Horrid app, frustrating user experience

As a BOA customer, I must say that this division of the company (BOA Health)is the black sheep of the company. They make the user experience so frustrating its like they want you to give up in frustration so they dont have to pay your claims. Some of their shady practices include constant upload errors, distorted images taken from the app (which will cause them to reject your claim), very very very short browser sessions (seriously, take too long to submit a claim and your session will time out, even when youre still filling out info)confusing claim submission process, fields that you cant get to (ex service date) because there is no way to exit the previous field. The list goes on and on and on. Their website is not much better. Ive had a FSA account every year for the last ten years and this is the worst experience ever. I dont even think Obamacares website was this bad in its first week. Ill be reaching out to our HR department about switching to another claims provider.

Get your stuff together

This app is terrible


BofA claims that iPhone SE on iOS 10 will not work. Neither will my iPad Air on iOS 9 and still not working on iOS 10. Complete garbage.

Doesnt Work

Cant file a claim. iPhone 6s Catagory cant be entered.

App Broken

This app doesnt open anymore due to the certificate being from an untrusted authority. It is completely useless.

Quit working

App was always a POS, but now it has simply stopped functioning with "ERROR - The operation cant be completed. Connection reset by peer." This before any access to any login option is presented. The Benefits Solutions part of BofA seems to be the ugly stepchild of BofAs. Their web access is a great example of how to design a really bad website. This app simply reinforces my opinion of their IT talents. [Probably designed by former Microsoft developers

Cannot open

I cant open the app anymore because the certificate is from untrusted authority. When i brought up the issue, i was told i need to change my iphone setting, which has nothing to do with the issue. I was also told no one else brought up the issue (so its my fault!). Please fix the app and stop being lazy.

App does not work

This app wont even open due to certificate error and there is no app support anywhere. Really poor quality across the board. I swear its the only app on my phone I still have to actually type the username and password. No fingerprint technology

App wont open

Just like other users the app wont open because of a certificate issue. It has worked fine for more than a year now I have been unable to access app for a week. For a bank this size, it is unacceptable

Doesnt work

This app is no longer working and has been quite frustrating. Fix it please. Needs to work if you want people to use it and obtain info. No real direct customer service to fix

Bad cert

App wont even open. Good for checking hsa balance when it wants to work. Fix it

No good

Cant log into my account. But I can with the same credentials online line. Talked to BOA and they tell me there is nothing wrong. They cant fix their own app. Worthless


Forget the app..Just dont get your HSA account with Bank of America! They are lazy, untrained and incompetent and that goes for the customer service reps AND the managers. They will waste countless hours of YOUR TIME making you do THEIR JOB. RUN PEOPLE...RUN FAST!

Like the app but...

Really wish this app could allow me to do mobile deposits and set up bank transfers.

No Point to this App

Whats the point if I cant file a claim? I can already go to Safari if all I need is to check my account balance and transactions. I cant submit a claim from the brower, so I would expect this feature to be in the app.


I just downloaded the app, however its telling me I dont have the credentials or permission to log in. Is anybody having the same issue?

Cant log in

Even though I just logged into my computer with the same ID and PW, it is telling me I dont have proper credentials. I got excited this was now available but now super disappointed.

For BAC employees only

Great app :)

cant even login

I didnt even realize there was an app until I got an Aetna brochure the other day. This is useless. It wont let me login with the same id I use at work. It comes up with a verifying picture. There IS no picture when I login at work. No option to get your user Id emailed. No reset option. When I tried the portal link it crashed, and now the link is gone. Seriously???


For those who are having login difficulty, you dont use your standard work login. You need to use your Benefit Solutions login then youll know you do have a site identifier. I logged in and gained access immediately. Pretty spiffy app if you ask me. The next enhancement should be to be able to take a picture of a receipt and upload it so I dont have to get on my computer, scan, and upload.

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